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The Story of the Shotokan Tiger

Hoan Kosugi, a famous artist and president of the Tabata Poplar Club, an artist guild, was a very important figure in the development of Shotokan karate-do in Japan. To entice Funakoshi to write a book about ...

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History of Shotokan Karate

An accurate, well documented, history of Shotokan karate is difficult to establish due to the decimation of Okinawa during World War II. Most of the documented history we have today has been passed down through ...

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Kids and Karate

When I first started to teach Shotokan Karate formally I “told” my Sensei that I just wanted to teach kids. I didn’t have any desire at the time to teach adults – I had dealt with adults coaching youth sports  ...

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Karate Ranking System

The dan – i or dan ranking system is relatively recent in all Japanese martial arts. Near the turn of the last century judo founder Jigoro Kano gave black belts to some of his senior students, distinguishing them ...

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One of the most powerful things I see students learn from their training in classical martial arts is what the Japanese call zanshin or perfect awareness. While performing kata, this attribute is ...

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What is Spirit? Our training in Shotokan Karate – do develops character by training body, mind, and spirit. But what do we mean by “spirit”, as it pertains to our karate training? There’s no one definition ...

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