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1,900 sqft of floor training!

Our dojo boasts of 3,300 sqft of which two thirds are dedicated to floor training space! Our main and largest area is our 1,300 sqft wood floor where most of our class training takes place. This floor was designed to ease impact on joints while training. Our 600 sqft side training area is where our students focus on individual excercises and extra training during class. The gym is designed to encourage our students to stay in optimal shape for karate training. Located near the front entrance is our spectator area where family and friends are welcome to watch karateka train during class time.


Dedicated to encourage karateka to stay in top physical shape by developing strength, endurance and flexibility. Our equipment includes weight and workout benches, treadmill, cable training machine and more. For safety reasons, the gym is open to our students of appropriate age.


Side Training Area

Designed for karateka to increase their flexibility and build strength through bag work and makiwara training. Our students are encouraged to work on individual kata, stretching and warm up and cool down excercises before and after their class time.


We encourage you to stop by and watch a class. You can also try our classes for 1 week free of charge. Take a look at our class schedule for the best time to watch our training or contact us for any questions you may have.

Try our classes for 1 week free of charge, no strings attached. Sign up for 3 months and recieve a 10% discount. No contracts required! CALL US (702) 860-3277