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We provide the Las Vegas community an affordable opportunity to train in Shotokan Karate and offer classes for the entire family! Sensei Clark treats individuals as students, NOT customers. We do not require our students to sign contracts to learn the art of Karate. Our objective is to give students a means of developing character while being strengthened both physically and mentally. Training is demanding and promotions are earned, not given.

Karate Classes (ages 9+)

At NSK we strive in developing the character of our students with a solid foundation of respect, discipline, focus, and hard training. Our training is based on the three Ks of Karate: Kihon (basic techniques), Kata (predetermined sequence of techniques called “form”) and Kumite (sparring and partner training). Students willing to commit to training at NSK will be rewarded with strong Karate skills.

Little Tigers Classes (ages 5-9)

Little Tigers are pre-karate classes with fun activities for kids that will teach them discipline through exercises and games. Activities students will train in will help develop strength, flexibility and hand-eye coordination. Little Tigers will learn techniques known as Kihon (punching, blocking and kicking), Kata (forms) and Kumite (partner training and sparring). All taught with the philosophy of respect for others at the forefront.

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Try our classes for 1 week free of charge, no strings attached. Sign up for 3 months and recieve a 10% discount. No contracts required! CALL US (702) 860-3277